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ADC 2024 - Website banner (2)_edited.png
ADC 2024 - Website banner (2)_edited.png


1. Max Simpson.JPG

Max Simpson

Steps Community

1. Max Simpson_Steps Community.png

Max has been working with the neurodivergent community for over 15 years, and the longer they work alongside this community, the more evidence they have that they are value-adding employees to any business. Max has demonstrated a proven track record in the include space from establishing 3 vocational training centers, modelling 11 inclusive and sustainable social businesses, and delivering essential consultancy services to organizations seeking enhanced inclusivity. Earlier this year, Max inaugurated a research center dedicated to advancing knowledge in this domain. A fervent advocate for the business case for disability and neuro-inclusion, Max extends an invitation to potential partners to collaborate on a shared mission of fostering an inclusive society


In 2019, Max was listed as one of the top 50 young leaders shaping the future of Asia. Steps was honoured with the International Provision of the Year Award by the prestigious National Association for Special Educational Needs (UK). Max also sits on the board of the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association, and the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committees for both the American and British Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. There is a global need for a change in employment outcomes, and Max founded Steps in 2016 to meet that need

4. Sarah Devotion Garner.jpg

Sarah Devotion Garner

PAAC & ICF-certified ADHD Coach, Educator & Trainer/ Law Librarian/ Neurodiverse Families Advocate at SENIA Vietnam Chapter Chair

4. Sarah Devotion Garner_SENIA.png

Originally from the USA, Sarah has been abroad since 2002. In earlier roles, she taught law students and trained lawyers, honing their client-counseling skills. Since 2017, she has been championing neurodiversity. Notably, Sarah established the first English language support group in Vietnam, a vital resource for families navigating challenges. She also founded Global Neurodiverse Families to provide ADHD coaching, education and neurodiversity training for parents, schools and companies. She spent 7 years on the UNIS Hanoi International School Board of Directors, and currently volunteers as the board chair of SENIA Vietnam and as vice chair of the Parents Alliance for Inclusion. Sarah is passionate about helping others thrive and is excited to connect with RMIT students and share her experiences!

6. Dao Thu Huong.jpg

Dao Thu Huong


Dao Thu Huong has been serving as a Disability Inclusion Officer at UNDP since May 2019. She coordinates policy researches aligning Vietnam’s laws with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and advocates for the Marrakesh Treaty accession and implementation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she led a rapid assessment of its socio-economic impacts on persons with disabilities and supervised a project on disability inclusion in COVID-19 response and recovery with support from Japan Embassy. Huong manages a joint program promoting disability inclusion, contributing to UNDP’s leadership in this field nationally and internationally. Before joining UNDP, she coordinated a project on supporting inclusive education of students with visual impairments and organizing various employability training programs. Huong holds a master’s degree on International Community Development and has represented Vietnamese PWDs in international forums, demonstrating her commitment to their inclusion and equality, particularly in education and employment.

8. Nguyen Thanh Vinh.png

Nguyen Thanh Vinh

Director & Establisher of ScriVi

I am Nguyen Thanh Vinh (James), and I see myself as a person with a passion for accessibility and personal development, particularly for individuals with visual impairments. Having navigated my own journey with vision loss, I understand the unique challenges faced by this community.

This lived experience has fueled the dedication to creating positive change. As the Director & Establisher of ScriVi, I established a program focused on empowering blind and visually impaired individuals through professional and assistive technology training. Additionally, I championed accessibility at the University of Exeter, spearheading initiatives that led to improved policies, training programs, and a university-wide accessibility information web portal.

I also served as an Industry Partner for ADC2023 at RMIT, mentoring student teams and fostering inclusivity in design thinking. Beyond this, I co-authored two fiction books focusing on special children, contributing to a project by Room to Read that provides children in remote areas with stories that explore identity and resilience.

Coming to ACDC2024, I am eager to share my experience, which enabled the me to launch an upcoming personal development program for young people with visual impairments that I and my newly formed team called VIC (The VIP Companion) has just secured the funding for. I believe that my unique experience, and the transformative journey I had will offer participants many enriching and informative perspectives.

012. Giang Le.jpg

Giang Le

Equitable Learning & Accessibility Advisor at RMIT Wellbeing

Wellbeing logo.png
ELA Logo (1).png

Giang Le is a professional in the field of disability support and advocacy, currently serving as an Equitable Learning Services Advisor at RMIT Vietnam since 2022. With a Master's degree in Disability Policy and Practice, Giang has spent a decade contributing to initiatives that enhance public awareness, employment opportunities, and healthcare access for children with disability and their families. Her research involvement includes evaluating early identification and intervention programs for children with intellectual and developmental disability in Vietnam. This work has also aided in the development of training programs for health professionals in this field. Giang has a keen interest and expertise in disability awareness and discourse, inclusive language and communication, and equitable access to healthcare and education.

011. Melaine Casul.jpg

Melanie Casul

Equitable Learning & Accessibility Advisor at RMIT Wellbeing

Wellbeing logo.png
ELA Logo (1).png

Melanie has more than 20 years experience in academia as a Marketing Communication and Multimedia Production course coordinator and lecturer. Teaching at top-ranked institutions in Southeast Asia such as De La Salle University, Manila, De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde Manila, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University Vietnam utilizing her multimedia experience working with global brands such as Channel [V], Nickelodeon, MNG, The Amazing Race, Discovery Channel, Google, Disney, and IKEA. Melanie moved into professional student services in early 2022 and is now Equitable Learning and Accessibility Advisor at RMIT University Vietnam. She is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) and a board member in charge of events for the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) Vietnam Chapter. Melanie is interested in leveraging her academic and communication specialist background in her work in the inclusion, diversity, accessibility and equity space.

014. Tuan Nguyen.jpg

Tuan Nguyen

Student Wellbeing And Academic Integration Advisor at RMIT Wellbeing

Wellbeing logo.png
ELA Logo (1).png

Behind the curtain named disability are passionate and eager hearts. Accessibility is an effective approach to remove this curtain, thereby helping individuals develop their full potential and have a happier life.” said Tuan.


Tuan is currently an outreach specialist in RMIT Equitable Learning and Accessibility service. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science teaching, a master’s degree in inclusive education, and has over 5 years of experience in teaching computer and adaptive technology devices to students with visual impairments. Moreover, being a person with low vision, he possesses a clear understanding of the significance of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. As part of ADC 2024, Tuan hopes to work with students on initiatives aimed at fostering an inclusive and accessible work environment for individuals with disabilities.

2. Trang Le.jpg

Trang Le

Program Manager at Imago Work

3. Kristen Lewis_Imago Work.jpg

Trang Le has worked in the F&B industry for more than ten years in operations and business development. She has in depth experience working with people with disabilities, including hearing and sight impaired, and neurodivergent individuals. Trang’s role with Imago Work and Simple Coffee involves creating and implementing workplace policies and systems for working with people with disabilities, as well as developing business partnership networks and cultivating parent relationships. Trang is passionate about seeing successful job placements for both those with disabilities and for the businesses who hire them.

3. Kristen Lewis.jpg

Kristen Lewis

 Imago Work

3. Kristen Lewis_Imago Work.jpg

Kristen Lewis has taught vocational skills to young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for the last 4.5 years. Currently she works as the employment inclusion specialist at Imago Work in Hanoi. Imago Work seeks to start a movement of inclusive workplaces where people with cognitive differences can use their gifts and abilities to work and transform community. Kristen's role supports job coaches and businesses in accommodating the needs of neurodiverse workers. Kristen has a bachelor's degree in special education, a Masters degree in urban education, and has begun a doctoral degree in special education.

5. Huyen Do.jpg

Huyen Do 

Chairperson at DP Ha Noi

5. Huyen Do_DP Hanoi.png

Do Thi Huyen has about 20 years of experience working on disability rights and community development. She is both a trainer and facilitator for disability equality training and participates in many trainings, workshops, and conferences. Her interests lie in fields of the sustainable development of non-profit organizations, civil society, and human rights. She has been serving as the President of Hanoi Association of persons with disabilities (DP Hanoi) which aims at empowerment and contributes toward equal life and opportunities for persons with disabilities in society through human rights, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency. She has also been working as Program Director at Abilis Foundation, a development fund from Finland which has Country Office in Vietnam so she has engaged in organizational development and capacity building for organization of persons with disabilities as well as empowered persons with disabilities.


She holds both BA and MA in Economics in Vietnam and gained MA in International Development & Social Change at Clark University in the USA.

7. Hoang Nhat Minh.jpg

Hoang Nhat Minh

Child Developmentand Special Needs Education Officer

Mr. Hoang Nhat Minh, also known as Minh Donovan, is the Media Coordinator and Special Education Mentor at Nhat Tam Unison (Uni Hub). He is a passionate advocate within the disability, accessibility, and inclusive education domains. Minh fulfils various roles, including special education sports coach, career orientation mentor, accessibility consultant, and special education officer, across various organizations such as RMIT University Vietnam, Special Olympics Vietnam, Aikido World Is Love (PEAWIL), Nhất Tâm Unison, and Saigon Children’s Charity CIO. Minh has also contributed as an industry partner and mentor in RMIT Accessibility Design Competitions in 2022 and 2023, leading Team Kintsugi to secure second place in the 2022 contest.

9. Phan Kim Xuyen.jpg

Phan Kim Xuyen

Founder & Manager at MHC+

9. Phan Kim Xuyen_MHC+.jpg

My name is Xuyen Phan (Sarah).


I graduated the Master of Disability Policy and Practice in Australia as an AAS’ alumnus. After back home, I left the public health care industry to be a Mental health Counsellor at Samsung, Saigon High-Tech Park. Also, I have been a guest lecturer in mental health nursing at the Hong Bang International University since 2021. For nearly 20 years, I have worked in the mental health sector that has gradually nurtured ideas of a mental health service in the community, which provides an individual and practical support and counselling. At the moment, I am a founder and manager of MHC+ (Mental health and Chronic condition management and self-management in community). My office is located at Dis 3 with the commission is “Moving towards an inclusive community”. In the same purpose, I would like to be a mentor of ADC 2024 to contribute my best for people with disabilities in Vietnam.


Thank you!

Nguyen Minh Hao 

IT Manager at DrD

010. Nguyen Minh Hao_DRD.jpg

Hello, I am Nguyen Minh Hao. I am passionate about technology, and I would like to contribute to community sector, especially to help disabilities. I was born in Kien Giang province. After graduating Master degree in Computer Science from Vietnam National Univeristy in Ho Chi Minh city, I have spent a lot of years to research and work in technology field

I have worked in different roles such as project manager, researcher,... I have learnt and gained numerous valuable experiences. Now, I am working at DrD where I can continue to pursue my passion in researching and developing the technology application to support disabilities community.


I feel so lucky when I have a chance to support and learn from other people, and I hope that my work can contribute to society.

013. Nguyen Tuan Tu.jpg

Tu Nguyen Tuan

Equitable Learning & Accessibility Advisor at RMIT Wellbeing

Wellbeing logo.png
ELA Logo (1).png

Tu is the first student with a significant disability at RMIT University Vietnam graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems) (Applied). He is currently working at RMIT as an Equitable Learning & Accessibility Advisor in Hanoi. His primary responsibilities include assessing students’ needs and provide reasonable adjustments, as well as helping staff improve the accessibility of their activities and learning materials. Before RMIT, Tu worked as a diversity and inclusion supervisor for Saitex International, a denim manufacturing company where he led the development of an inclusive hiring strategy to ensure that 20% of the workforce included individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those with disabilities. His expertise is further enhanced by the completion of AUNDPPnet Universal Design and Accessibility Training in 2019 and WCAG Training in 2022.

015. Sandy Sinn.jpg

Sandy Sinn

Founder at Center for Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

015. Sandy Sinn_CPPWB.png

Sandy Sinn is a visionary leader dedicated to promoting mental health education and wellbeing across communities. As the founder of the Center for Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (CPPWB), Sandy's vision is to create a world where mental health is prioritized, suicide is prevented, and individuals thrive with resilience and purpose.


At CPPWB, Sandy leads a team of passionate professionals committed to realizing this vision through their mission: to empower individuals, organizations, and communities with evidence-based practices and interventions that foster positive mental health and resilience. Through innovative workshops, interactive training sessions, and community outreach programs, CPPWB equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to navigate life's challenges with confidence

and wellbeing.


With a focus on youth mental health education, suicide prevention,

workplace wellbeing, and positive psychology practices, CPPWB offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse populations. By creating safe and supportive environments, reducing stigma, and promoting early intervention, Sandy and her team strive to create positive change and cultivate a culture where mental health is embraced and individuals flourish.

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